Direction, Joy, Pleasure

Psalms 16:11 The Lord will show us the path of life; in His presence is fulness of joy; at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Direction for life, Joy, and Pleasure three things we are all looking for in life, right? I wonder sometimes are we looking in the wrong places?

God desires to show you the path of life. That path may look different for all of us. But Jesus is the way,the truth and the life. We can choose different friends, differnet colleges, etc. But we must all choose Jesus it’s in Jesus that we find the path of life. The Word says we don’t have because we don’t ask.Are you feeling confused or in the dark on what to do in life? Stop and pray and ask Jesus to show you the path of life. I promise He is way too in love with you not to show you the path of life.

God desires for you to be joyful. I see so many teens depressed and sad about life. Satan would love to come and steal your joy. The Joy of the Lord is our strength it should be the thing that sustains us through the hurts and pain that we face in our lives. Psalms 16:11 says in His presence in fullness of joy. All we need to do is become worshippers of Jesus and I’m here to tell you there is absolutely nothing that Satan can do to steal your joy. Are you feeling down, sad, angry,confused, begin right now worshipping Jesus and he will bring the joy that you are looking for. Take the time and listen to your favorite worship song and experience the joy of the Lord.

Direction for life, joy, that sounds reasonable but pleasure, yes God says that at His right hand there are pleasures that last forever. Satan is a liar and a deceiver he will try and make you believe that you can find lasting pleasure in sin. BONK WRONG ANSWER! This world can offer you a lot of things that may bring momentary, fleeting,temporay or short-lived pleasure. But hear me the ONLY real long lasting, eternal, forevermore, pleasure comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord. God isn’t boring. He is a God of eternal pleasure.

Are you looking in the wrong places or have you found Jesus Christ to be your source of life, joy, and pleasure?

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