Eight random thoughts on life as a Christian

Eight completely random thoughts on life as a Christian. 

God’s desire and design is for us to be changed from glory to glory and experience spiritual growth through spending time reading and meditating on the Word of God.
We must approach the Word of God with humility and reverence.
We will NEVER experience spiritual growth and change from the Word of God while trying to prove ourselves right or disprove someone else.
We must pray and ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate and reveal truth to our hearts.
We must be careful not to mistaken a critical judgemental spirit for discernment.
A critical judgemental spirit is a good sign that a Christian is lukewarm.
Humility and repentance is the only cure for being lukewarm.
We should always allow the Holy Spirit to lead us before attempting to lead someone else. We can never lead someone somewhere we have never been. 

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