God has called us to Thrive!

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. 
John 10:10

I once heard TF Tenney say Christians are called to be thermostats not thermometers. Thermostats  change the atmosphere when thermometers can only judge, measure or gauge the atmosphere. Thriving Christians change the atmosphere around them.
Our thriving in God isn’t based on circumstances. Out thriving in our God changes us and everything around us.

In the midst of stealing, killing and destroying. We thrive. Jesus gives us life and life more abundantly.

Even in the presence of our enemies. We thrive. God prepares a table before us says sit down I will go before and behind you.

In the midst of the storms of life. We thrive. Jesus calls us to walk on water during the storm.

In the fiery furnace. We thrive. God uses what should have destroyed us to remove what limits and holds us back.

In the spiritual attack. We thrive. We submit to God. We resist the enemy and he flees. We draw close to God and God draws  close  to us.

In the battle. We thrive. We stand still and watch as God fights our battles.

In the midst of complacency when others are living in darkness.   We thrive. We keep  our lamps trimmed and full of oil.

In the midst of the delay/ waiting on God. We thrive. We mount up with wings as eagles, we walk and not faint, we run and do not grow weary.

In the midst of trouble. We thrive. We overcome because Jesus has already overcome all the trouble in the world.

Today I challenge you don’t be the one who only gauges the atmosphere/ temperature be the one who changes the atmosphere/ temperature around you.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of life. A message of resurrection power to revive the dead, and for the revived to thrive.

Thrive. Flourish. Prosper. Grow.

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